Payment methods

Payments accepted in (€) Euro and ($) dollars only.
At the moment we accept the following payment methods:
Credit cards*(due to the increased chance of fraud involved with internet orders, we put a limit of €800 per transaction.)
PayPal* for orders up to €500.
Bank wire transfer or International money order is the only method of payment we accept for orders over €800 (please make sure to pay all fees associated with your transfer. Contact your bank for fee details).
Cash* (due to our company policy we do not accept cash over €2,500).
No COD orders.
All of our prices are quoted in (€)Euro and do not include freight/insurance charge.
Please note that foreign currency conversions should only be used for indication purposes.
For your protection orders may be subject to verification procedure. If your order contains any unusual circumstances that may be considered a fraud indicator, we strongly recommend that you contact us by phone.